carey-blakely-writerCarey Blakely is an author and freelance writer.

She is the co-author of Next! A Matchmaker’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right, Ditching Mr. Wrong, and Everything In Between (by Barbara Summers with Carey Blakely; SelectBooks, February 2015) and Crazy Like a Fox: One Principal’s Triumph in the Inner City (by Dr. Ben Chavis with Carey Blakely), which was published by New American Library, a division of Penguin.

Crazy Like a Fox was featured on NPR, MSNBC, CNN.com, Stossel on Fox Business NetworkThe San Francisco Chronicle, The Laura Ingraham Show, Sirius RadioThe Washington Post, National ReviewChristian Broadcast Network, The Bill Handel Show, City Journal, and other media outlets. Carey was the writer and also worked with Chavis as a teacher and principal in Oakland.

She has also written a novel, which she is now trying to find a home for. Since May 2018, Carey has been a frequent contributor to The Coast News in Encinitas, California. She has further experience as a freelance reporter, ghostwriter, editor, and poet.

Carey graduated early from UC Berkeley with high academic distinction and a BA in English. She lives with her husband in the San Diego area and goes by Carey Raffetto in marriage.