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Life during Covid really got me thinking about self-development and what it takes to flourish—and what can get in the way. With Flourish I explore how you and I can live authentically, pursue goals that we stick to, deal with obstacles, persevere, and ultimately thrive. 

To flourish is to “grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way.” As a noun it’s “a bold or extravagant gesture or action.” 

Let’s grow vigorously and be bold about it!

changing your outlook

Bright Side, Dark Shades

Have you ever tried to look on the bright side of life but feel like you’re wearing dark shades? It happens to me often. For example, as I wrote about in my last post, I had been stressing out about securing housing in this tight, overpriced market and debating whether …

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growing pains, finding the path

Know Where You’re Going

Do you know where you’re going? Lately I’ve had a hard time answering that question. After 3.5 months of bouncing around as a digital nomad, I find myself struggling to find home. As many of you are painfully aware, Covid has exacerbated long-standing housing issues, bringing us to a situation …

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great achievements, the right stuff

To the Moon

While visiting the Kennedy Space Center last fall, I was struck by the U.S.’s sheer determination in the 1960s to achieve results that defied the odds. To send a man to the moon, which no country had ever done before, must have seemed to many Americans at the time like …

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personal growth

Time to Flourish

It takes courage to say this isn’t it, this isn’t who I want to be, or how I want to be seen. It takes courage to say there must be a better way to thrive in this world and to seek it, choosing the unknown over the comfortable. In order …

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